Psycho From Texas

by Zeeth

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released February 6, 2016




Zeeth Texas

Anthony 'Zeeth' Rxxxo
Anthony by Anthony Rxxxo
Anthony Rxxxo FOR Anthony Rxxxo


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Track Name: Now I'm High [Side A]
The indos creating illusions
the substance infesting my brain is causing confusion
I picture teflon in slow motion it’s piercing thru flesh and continues to cruising
them bullet holes left ya blood oozing — ya dripping from ya nose
187 so quick THAT nobody knows (who the fuck it was)
I’m the killa, the crook and the creep
I’m the nigga to put you to sleep
When i catch you slippin, ya bodys gone end up missing
Pull out the glock leaving them bustaz bodies dropped
Flip the page, satanic scripture make these bitches pussy pop
(Mane fuck all you hoes)
Fuck you busta ass niggas and fuck a cop
Riding down ya fucking BLOCK with my GLOCK cocked
I’m going crazed off this space rock
The D The O The P the E, I need the B the L the U-N-T
Because THE green power flower to controls my rage
I tell you don’t fuck with the kill kid mane cuz he’s crazed and he’s buckin the gauge
Satanic triple six, killa kid the fuckin savage
Killing em off left and right, Who’s the nigga to challenge
Bitches better DUCK from the buckin of the double barrel PUMP
Pop the trunk for a nigga that’ll slip
Bitch I’m from the slums, I’m a crooked thug take a niggas FUCKIN GRIP when i let the full clip rip
Wesson I’m poppin the gauge on these bitches the bodies be droppin
fuck you bustaz that be talkin, put you SUCKAS in coffin
i’m an evil nigga, I’m scheming and plotting
these slugs you BEST TRY TO dodge them
Imma lay your ass down, buck shots have ya body sleeping
Take the food off your plate, no more eatin
Tried to warn you bout these snakes, garden of eden
smoke the power flower, till I’m done breathing
I’m clickin with the quickness like a sickness from that triple 6
Satanic crucifiX — I’m bucking my fucking gun
I’m pumpin the 20 gauge aiming and tryna knock out ya lungs
they know I’m the nigga that did that muthafuckin redrum

The full moon gleaming
La Luna got me thinkin of a mutha fuckin scheme
Blood all on the windows and then I hear a bitch scream
niggas act like bitches so i rather see them niggas dead
Niggas act like friends all the time then be your enemy

(I’m down to die on my time and what’s for me to own)
Track Name: Deadly Friend [Side A]
Jumpin up, out of the bushes mane
Strapped with artillery making them stangs
Poppin and droppin these bitches with hollowpoints bullets I’m leaving a bloody mess
Bullets they scatter — they making the holes in ya chest
No trace of me, I’m a mercyless killa so i would suggest
That you niggas should never test me
CUZ I WILL leave your body resting
I’m the puppet master, pulling them strings

Best watch YA back, when you fucking with me cuz you’ll see what death BRINGS
Shooting the bullets to split ya brain, Oak Cliff Killa I’m goin insane
Smoking on some type of strain
They running they lip, they makin me click, mane
Loading the bullets, I’m shootin at the gas main

Explosion, body parts flying, HOES are dying
Children are crying
But this death and destruction has me laughing and smiling

I’m grippin the wood
I’m scrappin these niggas and putting the bodies in a ditch
I’m the manic — holdin the automatic
Psychopathic, killer addict

Busta ass niggas be tryna have anna with Zeeth
But killing these niggas ain’t nothing to me
South Oak Cliff is where I’ll be
You better hope —
got bullets to spare for these bitches

I’m hanging you on a tree


Fuck you LAME ass niggas, I’m packin the fuckin heat
Hollow TIP POINTS will put you to sleep
I’m killa kid zeeth, I crook and i creep
The pump and shells I keep in the back seat
Slugs talk thru the barrel of the steel

Only to kill the niggas who claim they real

On the realer my nigga, you swear ya serious
But I will kill you with the quickness
I never been one to front
Putting the bodies in the trunk
Loading up fuckin slugs, pulling the trigger, I’m blastin the fucking pump
Takin these niggas and goin and droppin em off at the fuckin dump
KICKING in doors for kilos not no mutha fucking petty crumb

My NIGGAS be strapped with the BURNER
ALWAYS RIDING and mobbing deep
I ENTER ya body with hollow point bullets AND leaving YA BODY forever asleep

That’s homicide in the first degree
Ya guts all over the ground leaving ya body left to be found in misery
All the fucking blood drippin from ya body making it slippery
I’m telling ya mane, I’m killa kid Zeeth AND I’m strapped with fucking artillery
Track Name: Anna Got Me Clickin (Ft. Deaf Art) [Side A]
Anna got clickin, i aint tripping cuz I’m on that snow
Bitches smokin loud, getting down, twerkin on tha floor
speakers bumpin triple six,
troll come knockin on the door
and you already kno that I’m packin the heat
SO I Put it to the pigs dome
‘Pop pop’, blood all over my chrome
hopped in the back of the lac and I’m gone
hot boy so i cannot go home
But Imma head to the hide out, in cut
I’m flipping some drugs
getting MONEY TO feed em these slugs

Rob you and hit a lick on your plug
Spit in your face -and- I’ll slit ya fucking throat
cuz u aint no thug

You’re drippin blood
toss your dead body into the mud
That shit aint nothing to me

Forget what you heard bout me
deep in ur bitch, she’s just a groupie
killas like me fuck hoes like you for sport
Ur on trial now, bitch welcome to the court
LOVE a tramp? Hell nah bitch, NO WAY!
sluts like you come along every day

I’m just a young killah tryna get paid
mane fuck your hype beast Jay’s (for real)
Fuck all that shit you claim (lil bitch)
think again cuz we are not the same (hell nah)
fuck boy you better aim (dats right)
I’ll pull the trigger till that bitch go bang
I’m killing suckaz cuz that shit aint a thang

(Deaf Art Verse)

LIL Bitch!

west end melbourne creep
That Killa kid fuckin Zeeth
I’m grabbin the glock and grabbin the skii
Scopin out ya fucking street
I’m aimin, and shootin and totin the heat
killin ya family while ya asleep
Imma hitman for the cheap
That Triple six ya better believe
mane fuck all these niggas
we pullin them triggers and rollin them swishers
We sippin that liquor
Imma city slicker
the MC fuckin Killer
Track Name: Devil Shit [Side A]
Woke up 2’n the mornin on that devil shit
tryna figure out, how to KILL YOU and YA Chick
so I call up MY click

Tryna split a muthafuckas wig
Grab the guage and buck they ass
Put some niggas in a fuckin cask

But That hennessy — got me geeked up
Telling me to do some evil shit to my enemies
I bury the
thoughts that MAKE ME click after smoking a spliff
The onion is makin me sick, imma lunatic
after cheifing the GAS, Puff and pass, make it last. Inhale the devils grass


Indica making a fucking nigga go tripping
I’m thinking of goin committing some fucking murders
Niggas be thinking I’m fucking spitting But I’m killing lame ass niggas with the all black burner

By the way I hold the chrome
You can tell I tote the tone

Shootin bullet lead to the fucking dome

Killing niggas off — Claimin they hard but they soft
Bagging the bodies leave em lost
I’m burning bodies like THE holocaust

I’m taking dez niggas to hell
——IN the trunk of the coupe Deville

I’m clickin, I’m so paranoid so I pop a pill
Aiming FOR The eye Showing the barrel of this steel
I’m in for the fucking kill

Don’t make a move — don’t make a move
I’m killing who i choose
Heavy bass in the back from BUMPIN that old shool

They call me the ruger man for the way I’m taking lives
I’m stabbing these niggas and choppin em up with butcher knives
O.C.C. On a killing spree, Homicide in the first degree
+++++Left Them hanging up on a tree
Shout out my cuz Lil Ki
I’m pulling the trigger
And killing them niggas and takin they skilla

Rugerman is the wig splitta
Leavin victims chopped up with they mommas bitter
Track Name: Homicide [Side B]
rat tat tat tat boom bop — Mutha fucka drop
Chilling with niggas that are realer than most you niggas
Hood type shit, hittin sticks with my dealer
I’m the west end melbourne killer
The Nigga that’s pullin the trigger
and leavin them bodies up in a river
Them lames don’t know my name, I make em shiver
Like the fuckin winter

Lames ass niggas they chance the fame
Nigga you is a lame — Mane
fuck what you claim
Loadin the ruger, to make a stang
Holdin it steady for better aim
Hollow points bustin meat at of yo brain

Give it up now
got something for you and you and you and that motha fucka over there too
My name is killa kid zeeth in other words I like to shoot
Imma hitman for da LOW — business boomin I can’t complain
To make a stang, it aint even a thang
But it’s hard to maintain the evil thoughts infecting my brain
Holdin the 9 thang

robbing these bitches
and makin some riches
I’m the nigga that’s fucking vicious
Choppin the limbs — leave em in Fridges
Murder rate increases leavin them bodies up in hearses
Bout to kill myself so THAT my baptism reverses


I’m always doin evil shit, like bustin a cap in a busta ass trick
Imma lunatic
All that bullshit made me click
Mane fuck all that shit — I’ll kill yo ass and fuck ya bitch
We TOO thick
Can’t you see
Ridin round with that uzi
Piercing ya body with different rounds
Bodies be dropping — they hit the ground
bury the bodies they can’t be found

Drowing these pussy ass niggas
In the fucking river
Taking they fucking skrilla
—I’m the killa to pull the trigger
and rob you for ya figures
Bitch, I don’t need a gun to show you I’m killa
Don’t need no artilleries — Watch me slit ya arteries
You ought kill yo self
***Cuz, I’ll, display, ya, limbs, upon, shelf

Don’t need no help when I’m choppin ya body up
Cuz I’m takin ya lame ass to hell
Hell is where i dwell — leave THEM bodies impaled
Leavin no evidence or trail
for the cops to unveil
Just the smell of rotting bodies for you to inhale
Young ass nigga down with his fuckin click
Zeeth ain’t no shit from a bitch
-Everything you done, I done way back with ya fucking hoe
We fucked on the floor
I nut in her mouth, she swallowed that hoe
Mane, keep on talkin shit
Motivated killa, watch me leave ya DEAD body UP in a ditch —I rather nail ya body onto a crucifx and burn that shit
Track Name: Closed Casket [Side B]
Stop the world let me off this bitch
I’m tired of this shit
I can’t handle it
Imma broken human, can’t adapt to my enviroment
Mane — Fuck a job, I try to circumvent
Stress is building up i can’t believe it
Murder be on my mind, I even dream it

I’m ready to die — stress me out
Get a slug to ya fucking eye
Niggas be thinkin I’m just fuckin spitting but the murder is on — busta ass nigga so say goodbye
Ain’t no cipher bitch
I’m coming
I’m running
I’m gunning these bitches down
Bodied a bitch
Threw em in ditch
Reapin that crucifix, mane

Bright red beam for you fuckin lames
No remorse when I aim
Grabbin the ruger and cockin it back
Bustaz flaunt they stack — so I’m on the attack


Got the ruger is loaded and ready
It’s looking me straight in the eye
Nigga I’m ready die
Yalready know what it is
Since I been young, i been bumpin that triple six
Mane, I be the Black sheep — shouts out to that nigga creep
And shout out to frayser click, niggas be takin a bitch straight to the crypt

Choppin em bitches up and breakin em bitches down
It’s that kill kid zeeth
wearin the melbourne crown
But fuck all shit my nig
I’m ready make a stang

Mane they say they trappin but they pushin crumbs and stems
Talking up all that shit — I’ll blast my nine at ya brain stem

niggas be tripping
the killa is clicking
the trigger is slipping back
(Clap Clap)
That’s right
I killed them bustaz in the first degree

homicide looking for evidence
after they found yo body in a ditch

(ad lib)

My life has no meaning so why should yours
What will you do when we kickin in ya doors
I aim it — I pull it
I swallowed the bullet
My brain splatter up on the wall
Tell dem folk to keep my casket closed at the funeral
Track Name: Killa Creep [Side B]
It’s that killa creep
Kill kid fucking zeeth
buckin them bitches down leavin them bodies on the street
Chalk surrounding them bodies on the concrete

Bustaz always front mane
I’m never chillin with a fucking lame
Loaded glock with hollowpoint bullets
Busta — test my aim

Mane Them bullets bustin meat out of yo brain

Shit I’m fucking clickin
Get to drinkin
Sippin on that yak
On attack

Nigga is a rat
Trigger slippin back
Bust his cap

In the street
Nigga i crook and i creep
Catch them hollowpoint bullets they’ll put yo body to fucking sleep

Ya busta ass niggas — constantly running yo mouth
Mane Fuck the clout,
Nigga I’m from the south
Pop trunk and i grab the pump
Pussy ass nigga, leave yo damn body slump
Totin that loaded shotgun
Bitch, I’m aimin, I’m shooting I’m killing someone
But Just know It’s only begun
Double homicide
triple homicide
fuck it kill em all
That’s a fuckin genocide
Track Name: No Hope [Side B]
(ad lib)
Yalready know who it is mane
Psycho Satanic Zeeth
Repping that O.C.C. Nigga
Straight from Dallas, Texas — know I’m sayin
Let’s get it


I’m on the fuckin pursuit
But killing these bitches ain’t nothing new
That glock 19 droppin bitches to the ground —
Face down,
body count
for the pound
Make them bitches drown
Straight in the face to the niggas that got anna

Spit in the face of the nigga talkin all that shit
Meet yo maker — Meet yo maker

Catch me scopin with the laser
Chasing the paper
Got the razor, slit ya fucking throat
Yea — That’s Murder she wrote
Toss ya dead body and watch it float
Ain’t no fucking hope
When a killer like me is around
Not makin a fuckin sound
Leavin them bodies underground — that’s where i live
catch me chilling up in my crypt
With them Body PARTS up on my shelf
From busta ass niggas that I dealt
With the glock 19
I cruficied them niggas myself

You a slipping busta, bitch ass nigga
Catch up with yo kind
Bullets for ya fuckin brain shooting out the nine

Some of these muthafuckas talking up all that shit
I hear you bitch
Stackin them bilos
Smokin tha indo
Packin extendo
I gots no anna with no nigga but my trigger leavin
bullets flying
bodies lying — bitches crying

I’m on the get away, driving down I-95, makin a right
I get so crazy off tha budsack
Clap clap
Shoot a nigga in his fuckin back
I’m on the attack
Killer with no motive at night fall
Make them bitches crawl
Say my name hoe
or feel this pain to ya fucking skull

That ammo reload, i dropped the bullets they fell on the floor
I gotta go
I’m movin so slow
Fuck the troll
Man — But what do you kno

my discription was on the news just the other day
Got to nothing to lose, But I’m on the run
Killer at large — takin ya life for fun
Track Name: ZER0 [Side B]

On that evil shit Mane
Kill me off, i wont stress
I’m so cold you can see my breath
Pistol tucked down to my left
I grab the smiff and wesson
bout to teach you a lesson
Pop pop pop thats 3 shots empty
Bout to kill ya family mane you’ll never forget me
Got the nooses ready hanging up over the tree
That’s homicide in the first degree
Asking who’s the killer but I’m nobody

LIKE SMOKE — I vanish
After doing damage
Leavin the public in a panic
Cuz I’m the manic
Buckin the anna cannon

Askin what my motive is
Do you know this kid
Stompin on ya face till i close ya third eye lid

(ad lib)


Zeeth is raising hell
Rollin and smoking the L
Buckin the pump with 20 gauge shells
Got a nine, uzi, ak but that shit don’t matter
if i got to — I will ratta
When i grab the gauge all them pussy niggas scatter
Shooting at ya head — watch all of ya brain splatter

Manic depressive pyschotic stabber
walking around like Imma master with the clapper

Catch this shit

Keep on talking down watch me rip out ya lungs
Satanic scripture make me speak in tongues
When i mutilate bodies it leaves an odor
I’m out squola
not even a quarter
Now I’m livin life at game over
The end is closer

the past is the end of days
Real niggas they getting paid
Spend money in different ways
them bitches i never chased
Killer, the realer, the nigga you made

killer, the realer, the nigga you made