by Zeeth

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(Hard like a criminal)

(Mask to my fucking face)

CREEPING and Schemin
these niggas stay plottin, and robbin
Fuckin with me
leave you face down with ya body rotten
I’m taking you bustaz to hell
Loading THEM 20 GAUGE shells
GOT THEM Anna cannons buckin at yo ass
Snatchin ya golds and takin ya cash
fully loaded clips
ready to hit some licks
stackin and stackin them fuckin bricks
Satanic ritual scripts
Just know It HAS only begun
I’m pumpin this 20 gauge aimin at ya lungs
holdin TIGHT to my pistol grip
Watchin Blood pourin from his arteries
YOU JUST A vicitim of this fucking robbery

ANNA got me thinkin u should see the sky
Spraying the 9mm Drum
FIENDING for the herb AFTER leaving that REDRUM
Searchin for the herb like I’m infamous
I need that shit
I’m fiending bitch
ChilliNG IN THE ALL BLACK cadillac
Talk down — better Watch ya back
Fuck around getcha self CLAPPED
Suckas always claim they trap
OFF THE SAFTEY - CUZ I’m Aimin at ya skull cap
YOU AIN’T movin that work
Call Ruger Man when I go berzerk
PUT YOU SIX FEET in the dirt
What can i say?
Locc to the brain
I’m going insane — Slitting my victims vein
GOT the pump in the trunk if you want chest PAIN
Blood all over THE wood grain
from THE MURDERS i CAN’T explain

But enough of this backwards type bitch shit

STILL got a few bucks left, NOT talking money
PUMPIN them shells if you acting funny
Focused ON THE music
Fuck the money
Shooting at the fuckin cops
FLag covered up over the casket
CUZ i’m leavin them bodies dropped
Pockets full of knots
Clothes full of holes from the shots
stealing FROM the dead bumbaclots


Mic check
ALWAYS strapped with the ALL black tec
Never claim to be the best type of rapper
Money, Gold, and hoes is what I’m after
After the gold, I’m AT YA NECK for the platinum 
If you think I’m jokin ask my fuckin GAT, Son
The magnum smokin like it’s chronic
Heinous murders I be doing, thinkin I’m demonic
On an evil murder spree I’ve become iconic
I don’t claim to be a big rapstar
Cause no matter who you are, you’ll catch a bullet scar
I’m not the type of nigga to drive a fancy car
or Take a bitch FOR SOME cavier 
(Fuck all that shit)
I’m riding thru my hood with red eyes hid by my TINTED frames
Dipped In Gold is how I spend my gains
Catch me rolling deep on some niggas
THE SNUB NOSE CLIQUE keep they fingers up on the triggers
Slicin swishas like a ninja, sippin liquor
Dicked your bitch left her bitter
Fuck that hoe — I’m the nigga that left her lonely
She was layin on my bed moaning 
‘Fuck Me Tony’
SHIT i hope she fuckin ODs
and dies slowly 
lesson for you niggas never fuck a shone, G


released May 6, 2016




Zeeth Texas

Anthony 'Zeeth' Rxxxo
Anthony by Anthony Rxxxo
Anthony Rxxxo FOR Anthony Rxxxo


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