On The Creep

by Zeeth

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Bitch I don’t give a fuck
them Sucidal thoughts in my brain makin my nerves jump
paranoid schizophrenic grabbing the fucking pump and
droppin the bodies in a fucking dump
Catch me on the other ridin slabs
Niggas mad
Kill his ass
Droppin in a fuckin ditch
Killing em all so niggas don’t snitch
It’s that killa click
Riding deep, shit is getting thick
Runnin up on
the nigga be buckin
Fuck the shit
Imma Split his wig
Aint a fucking thang
killa like me is so insane


Bitch i don’t give a fuck about own myself
You fucking with real killa, nigga
You face to face with death
Got the glock up to ya face
Never gonna catch a case
Chrome murder weapon
Shoot you and ya baby mama
Leave ya kid in trauma
triple homicide
I dont give a fuck — bout what i did
Nigga like me — be running and fuckin gunnin
Killing them niggas all for nothing
All of a sudden
NIGGAS they shoving and ducking
I’m the killa thats coming
Bumpin that frayser click
Running up in a bustaz crib
Shoot him in the fucking face
He lived his life as a disgrace
You spray the mace?

I spray the gauge
I be the skinny nigga Grim Reaper type of figure
But Instead of a syth I’m pulling the fucking trigger
Up on these lames
Shooting them bitches in the brain
Giving them pain
It’s all i kno
Catch them cryptic thoughts up on my fucking flow

Bitches they know
It’s that killa kid zeeth
Packing the fucking heat
and I got the ski

Catch a bitch thats staring at me
He dont want the beam

Pressure getting to em
Grabbin the nine and then i do em

Hang him up on a tree
they want nothing to do with me
Killa kid fucking zeeth


released April 26, 2016




Zeeth Texas

Anthony 'Zeeth' Rxxxo
Anthony by Anthony Rxxxo
Anthony Rxxxo FOR Anthony Rxxxo


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