by Zeeth

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for them bustaz that got anna -


Pop IN the clip of my 9
I’m thinking bout goin committing these murders
These BUSTAZ keep frontin and actin LIKE I wont go shoot em with the fuckin burner
YAH pussies better step the fuck up
if THINK you got the nuts
for my 9 milla meter so you can get buck
MANE, I’m getting tired of you muthafuckas talkn shit
so now you gon’ witness a 187 bitch
leave YA guts on the ground — NOT talking swishas
They call me the ‘RIPPER’

Leavin them bodies mutilated for my sadistic taste, they so disfigured

stick that tone up to ya dome and lay yo bitch ass on the floor
Weak ass, Little bitch you gonna getcho fuckin wig split
Tha RULER, the creeper
The killa - the reaper
I bag ‘AND’ beat em

Then dump all Your body parts into my trunk

Cut off ya head
I’m AFTER your fuckin bread
Loading up fuckn slugs
Remington With a pistol grip is what I pump
LEAVING multilated faces
Chopped up bodies in suitcases

Voices are speaking and saying THINGS I CAN’T DETER
BUT if you mutha fuckas want to go to WAR
BUCK MUTHAFUCKA whatchu waiting for


I tried to recall who i killed the night before
I stand in a hall with bloody prints on the floor
I’m itching for murder
I’m coming thru
to kill you
and to do evil things
satanic shit LIKE the rituals from my dreams

My victim is quiet now
But when the blade makes contact
YA BLOOD dripping out (Drippin out)
No way for you to come back
I’m Packin that fuckin 3 - 80
Crackin them skulls with my 45 g-l-o-c-k
I’m down for the 211
Don’t make this a 187
Pray to the heavens
That my full aggression
won’t kill you off
Bitch you better be stressin
Cuz when Killa kid zeeth go wild
He’s leaving them dead bodies fuckin piled
Never been caught
never been on trial—
Thanks to MY murder style
CUTTING EM UP - faces unrecognizable
Choppin off the fingers and toes Not Identifiable
Putting the BODIES in a FREEZER to hide the time of death
Choppin the bodies up into bits
Burning the bits,
No EVIDENCE fuckin bitch


released January 17, 2016




Zeeth Texas

Anthony 'Zeeth' Rxxxo
Anthony by Anthony Rxxxo
Anthony Rxxxo FOR Anthony Rxxxo


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